Sonarworks Reference 3

Mixes that sound better and deliver more impact!

Accurate sound from your studio monitors is of utmost importance for making the right mixing decisions. Reference 3 speaker calibration allows you to hear even the smallest detail with ear-opening accuracy. Eliminate guesswork.

Have full confidence in your results!

Stop questioning yourself and what you hear. The right EQs, the right compressor. Know that you have made the right decisions. You are in control.

Deliver amazing sounding mixes faster!

If you can’t fully trust your studio sound,you have to rely on making many rounds to your car or your home hi-fi to triangulate your sound problem. Save time (and your face) solving this problem before you send your mixes to your client or supervisor. No more endless e-mails from band members with “voluntary-compulsory” suggestions.

Think of Sonarworks Reference 3 as a professional acoustician that tunes your studio.

It is a software tool combining measurement software with DAW plug-in that serves as an advanced DSP for your monitors.



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